Product Review: Marshmallow Dog Bed


Most of the day, your pooch spends a lot of time in his bed — snoozing, relaxing, or just hanging out. Because of this, you need a bed that provides comfort and endures daily use. If you have a large dog, you have an even bigger challenge: finding a bed that’s big enough for his size and won’t collapse under his weight.

As our best friends get older, they need a firmer cushion to support their tired bodies. Thick, firmer cushions help to relieve discomfort from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and pressure points caused by old age muscle loss. Choosing a bed with bolsters, or raised areas like the arms of your couch, gives your pooch something to rest their head and neck on for even more comfort. A thicker, firmer bed also makes it easier to get up from if your aging pup is experiencing any muscle weakness.

If your dog has hip and joint issues, finding a quality bed that will keep him comfortable is essential to his overall well-being. After all, he’s been by your side for millions of miles on mountain hiking trails and city streets. He’s accompanied you on numerous hunting trips and weekend getaways. He’s your best friend, your constant companion, you’re closest confidant, he’s your dog.

Jessica Gore, CPDT-KA (a certified professional animal behaviorist) in Los Angeles recommends this Marshmallow Dog for dogs who sleep curled up in a ball and need some support as well as some extra warmth.


Over 1,000 five-star reviewers describe this dog bed as “soft,” many of whom share stories of how much their small dogs like to burrow or curl up. Its a nice dog bed but, how can you be certain that it is the right one for your pooch? Well, there are some considerations that proper dog bed must fulfill at all times.


How Do You Choose An Orthopedic Dog Bed?

Choosing the right dog bed usually depend on some general considerations:

  • Dog bread
  • Living situation
  • Budget.

Finally but not less important, you must also consider your dog’s size and favorite sleeping positions are absolute musts to consider as well as where you plan on putting the bed.

Aside from these considerations mentioned before, there are a few key factors that your chosen dog bed must fulfill to be the best dog bed for your pooch. Not every dog bed takes these key factors into consideration but lucky for you, the Marshmallow Dog Bed has all of them covered for you.

Key Factors for Dog beds

  • Size Considerations: The bigger the better when it comes to the bed for your older buddy. Make sure the bed is something he can layout on without hanging over the edges. Also, factor in his favorite sleeping positions

The Marshmallow Dog Bed comes in every size for all kinds of dogs ranging from 15lbs to 40lbs making it great for warm snuggling and cuddling. It also provides enough support and security for your pooch to take any position of his liking.


  • Pad Density and Thickness: To help relieve some of your best friend’s pain. Therefore, you want a firm pad that will bounce back to its original shape immediately. You don’t want anything that squishes down and then stays squished or something so soft your dog will practically have to swim to get out of it. It also needs to be thick enough so that pressure points don’t poke through it and rest on the floor.

Generally speaking, two-four inches is thick enough for most dogs. Still, you may have to go thicker for larger breeds or heavier pals. Memory foam, like the stuff in some human mattresses, seems to be a popular choice as it is firm and doesn’t lose its shape easily.

The Marshmallow Dog Bed is just that, a plush, soft, donut bed perfect for dogs that want to burrow down and cuddle up. The cover is made of a faux fur finish with a water-resistant nylon bottom.

  • The Shape of It: This is totally up to your dog’s preference. Let’s bring back the bolster idea. Most dogs love these to stretch their heads and neck. They also provide a backrest or barrier between the bed and the wall. Bolsters can also make your dog feel cozier and surrounded by comfort.

When picking the shape of your dog’s orthopedic bed, you will need to again consider their sleeping habits. Most sprawling sleepers will fit better on a rectangular shape, balled up sleepers will fit an oval or circle shape.

Dogs get cozy in the Marshmallow Dog Bed. The faux fur and comfy softness make them feel like they’re cuddled up next to Mama again. With the rim completely encircling the bed, it makes it so dogs can sprawl out or curl up, whatever their sleeping mood may be.


  • Ability to Clean: The ease of cleaning an orthopedic dog bed should be a huge consideration. Choose a bed that has a waterproof or water-resistant cover that can be removed and machine washed. You and your dog will be thankful for it. Older dogs not only struggle with pain and discomfort, but some can experience incontinence issues as well. Therefore, waterproof or water resistance is a must.

The Marshmallow Dog Bed has this key factor covered aswell, Its machine washable. The cover is made of a faux fur finish with a water-resistant nylon bottom. Every bed is safe in the washing machine and dryer in a gentle cycle at low heat.

  • Special Features: After you’ve found a bed that covers the basics, you can start looking to add some bells and whistles. Although it doesn’t come with bells or whistles, The Marshmallow Dog Bed offers a 360 degree raised rim. This allows pups to rest their head and neck. Your pooch can also burrow in the deep crevices created between the bottom and sides.