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Dogs, and especially puppies, explore their world by mouthing and chewing. That means that dogs end up tasting a good portion of your home, and very little of this environment is edible. That can get even well-behaved dogs into trouble.

It’s even more likely to happen when you first adopt a dog. New pets won’t know the rules of the house, and new owners may not be alert to all the ways dogs can get into trouble when they leave them alone at home

We want to make sure you can leave your house without fear of returning, and seen chaos unleash by your chewy friend out of boresome

That’s why Groomers Bundle asks you to try our newest interactive toy designed to give tons of fun for our chewy friends!! Our new Wicked Ball will keep his chewy nature in check while you are not at home!!

A smart and active toy that accompanies your dog to play, Its interactive gentle, active and automatic game!





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The Wicked Ball can function and move all by itself, no need to form remote controls. When the owner leaves,  this magic ball can jump, roll and move around your dog. Let him be happy all day long when you leave, it is safe for you and your chewy friend The magic ball will automatically change direction without need any help.


360 Surface

Our Wicked Ball can roll in different directions freely on the carpet and any kind of surface. Its colorful lights make It more attractive to catch your dogs’ interest and attention. The chase of pets is happy like never before!.


Choose Your Game

The Wicked Ball can offer you dog up to 3 different modes of play based on its color (Gentle, Normal Active). Choose your mode and let the fun begin for your furry friend!


This magic ball poses a shell of industrial-grade silicone + ABS toughness, environmental protection, safe and reliable, the material used in the inner layer is ABS. The hardness is relatively high, more suitable for chewy dogs.



The Wicked Ball takes about 1 hour and can be played for up to 8 hours. It has reached the IPX67 standard and its outer casing is very strong.



The Wicked Ball has been extensively tested and reached the IPX67 standard. Its outer casing is very strong and can be placed directly into the water. It runs smoothly and safely, allowing you and your pet to have fun in the water and on the land.


Built-in Collision

The Wicked Ball has an intelligent sensor that automatically jumps out whenever it encounters any obstacles; It will never get stuck on tight spots and it won’t leave your dog alone.



You can charge your Wicked Ball with the universal smartphone 5V charger charging, there is a charging indicator light when charging The full light turns green.

Full Package

The Wicked ball comes alongside an instruction manual and a USB charging cable.

Additional Features:

Working temperature: 32 °F ~ 104 °F (0 °C ~ 40 °C).             

Diameter: 68mm/2.68in

Relative Temperature: 10%-90%. (non-condensing)

Power Input: DC 5V

Current Input: 350 Mah

Charging Interface: Universal USB interface

Rated Voltage: DC 3.4 V – 4.2 V

Battery: Lithium battery, rated power: 3.7 V 300 Mah

Working Time: 8 Hours (continuous work, no downtime)


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40 reviews for Wicked Ball – Automatic Dog Toy

  1. gfrank

    Very strong and durable! delivered after 3 weeks to Berlin Germany, thank you Groomers!!

  2. lamarjr

    The ball arrived in less than a week.Great!!

  3. Mariopatzi

    The ball arrived in less than a week in Rome Italy.Great!!

  4. viviane79

    Very resilient!!! my Doberman run like crazy after his wicked ball and it doesn’t break from his bite! Recommended

  5. xxelenaxx

    The product arrived in time, description was accurate, perfect!!

  6. eklancer

    I offered the ball to my little chihuahua of 2k500gr and in 1 hour he was completely entranced by it, I do recommend this purchase and this store!!

  7. derkiman

    Packing was very strong and came with the manual alongside the USB cable; charge stability is high.

  8. poochman

    The wicked ball is very stable,its very easy to charge and avoids any kind of obstacles!! I recommend the product!!

  9. carolinef

    Delivered to Milan after 3 weeks, packing was fine and all came in one piece according to description, my little one is very happy with this toy!!

  10. wakerj

    The ball arrived in less than a week.Great!!

  11. lombardo4576

    item never received despite absurd having to wait for 3 weeks. store comes with accurate reasons and says that tracking information from the site is correct.

  12. claren443

    item never received after 30 days despite the tracking number, contacted store and they gave me my money back without incident and a special coupon too

  13. adolfog

    Great USB ball for dog, I am very satisfied!!!!!!!!!! Transport to Spain about 3 weeks. Thank you very much and I highly recommend!!!

  14. Bustamante

    Great USB ball for dogs, I am very satisfied!!!!!!!!!! Transport to Madrid about 3 weeks. Thank you very much and I highly recommend!!!

  15. Elenser45

    Very fast shipping, good store!

  16. ewoods

    Product was delivered in time and my Yorkshire Terrier, at last, I can leave home with confidence that he will be too busy playing with his Wicked Ball, to even consider chewing my sofa. I am in your debt Groomers

  17. breatriced

    Very resilient, this can withstand his bite!! thank you groomers

  18. kikimx

    Soon received, my little dog has the ball all very quickly loved it. Product is fine.

  19. Ksheppard

    Soon received. Not strong enough, my Rottweiler has the ball all very quickly broke down. In Addition, press them with her teeth the on/off button in. No success, unfortunately. The product is fine just don’t suitable for our dog.

  20. hdanielsx

    The ball has a good rolling effect.

  21. Dmrdonald

    The ball did no jump, only rolled. I asked for customer support and they sent me a new wicked ball free of charges, thank you groomers!!

  22. harrie5

    It is a great toy!! my pooch really loves it

  23. Grace-Art

    Well delivered, the product performs well and the charge lasts up to 7 hours, I am very happy with my purchase

  24. larryg8

    great quality, fast delivery

  25. raypend5

    Arrived in time and is working good, the description was accurate!

  26. rrbolton

    Delivered in time, the product is working correctly according to the description, I strongly recommend this store!

  27. connorxp

    Delivery is fast enough. At the post office they said that your parcel moves) on the move flew included. Charging from mini-usb, wire included. The water-resistance of the ball is accurate. The dog is in shock! Although in a week already got used to it. The toy is rather designed for medium-sized dogs. At least adult corgi. Rolls on the floor with a wild rumble. I really recommend it

  28. fberthag

    I offered the ball in gray variation (I got the last one on the store) to my little chihuahua of 2k500gr and in 1 hour he could not leave it! I do recommend this purchase and this store as well. It is a fair priced and of very good quality. I really don’t regret my purchase.

  29. sethbragran

    Product was delivered in time and my Yorkshire Terrier, at last, I can leave home with confidence that he will be too busy playing with his Wicked Ball, to even consider chewing my sofa. I am in your debt Groomers

  30. truddyxx

    Fun product and well delivered by store. Too bad I found it more fun than my pooch did 🙂

  31. xppablox

    Product endured the chewy wrath of a golden retriever, good quality!!

  32. 45friday

    It does what it says it does but it lasted two days and stopped working. I contacted the store and they send me a brand new one that actually works and free of charges, I really love this toy for my pooch

  33. compie44

    Absolutely fun for my dog- she Loves It! She chased it around as it popped from wall-to-wall, pounced on it, and took it outside like it was her precious toy treasure!

  34. beaglegirl

    Worth it… my pet beagle is confused as ball is moving on it self …. haha haha – good toy to keep him busy

  35. RayonoldsK

    Terrible quality. Once worked and stopped charging. The store did communicate with me and sent me another one free of charges

  36. -kimbly-

    Product worked well and has 3 different modes to choose from, my pooch spends hours playing with his wicked ball while I am away at work and It was a good choice, my living room is no longer a complete chaos

  37. lllwilliams

    Great quality, Fast delivery, Thank you Groomers!! My Yorkshire Terrier loves his new toy and he can’t stop chase it around my room

  38. shaurawhite

    The ball moves kinda fast and it’s not smart if you have too many obstacles in your living room but it can survive the bites of a chewy dog.

  39. craighh

    Arrived in more than 2 weeks in Macedonia with a follow-up. Works as advertised ,It does really interest my dogs. I expected a slow and clumsy toy but it performs well.

  40. pvillanueva

    Delivery was completed after 2 weeks to Mexico DF, price was ok for this product as my dog runs like crazy all over my house after his ball without end. Charging takes 8 hours and came with the USB cable as promised

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