Wicked Ball – Automatic Dog Toy

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Dogs, and especially puppies, explore their world by mouthing and chewing. That means that dogs end up tasting a good portion of your home, and very little of this environment is edible. That can get even well-behaved dogs into trouble.

It’s even more likely to happen when you first adopt a dog. New pets won’t know the rules of the house, and new owners may not be alert to all the ways dogs can get into trouble when they leave them alone at home

We want to make sure you can leave your house without fear of returning, and seen chaos unleash by your chewy friend out of boresome

That’s why Groomers Bundle asks you to try our newest interactive toy designed to give tons of fun for our chewy friends!! Our new Wicked Ball will keep his chewy nature in check while you are not at home!!

A smart and active toy that accompanies your dog to play, Its interactive gentle, active and automatic game!



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