Waterproof Dog Bed – Shark Mouth Dog House

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Sharks are known to be kings of the food chain in the ocean. Many dog groomers want to make their furry friends feel like royalty at home so that’s why we have a special product to ensure that.

Groomers Bundle offers you very unique among dog beds!

Our new Waterproof Dog Bed which is shaped like a shark because there is nothing quite as inviting and cozy as the inside of a sharks’ mouth!!

Now your furry friend can make it their home with this amazing shark-shaped dog bed!

It’s a fully enclosed pet bed that has a small opening for the shark’s mouth where your dog can enter or exit the bed!

Not only does it make a great dog house, and an extra cozy spot for your pet, it’ll make your dog or cat feel extra safe since they’ll be fully surrounded by that meaty shark body!

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