Portable Dog Fence – Dog Gate

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Does your dog like to explore his surroundings inside your house? Your pup probably starts sniffing everything around your living room, your expensive carpet, and furniture. Perhaps you want to keep him inside his special room at home while you are away in order to prevent your furry buddy from making a big mess while being alone?

According to the neuroscientists at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, dogs have the emotional and intellectual capacity of a small human child. They are capable of feeling love and the attachment that goes with it, but they may not be able to understand that when you leave the house, you will be back soon. Overwhelmed by their stress, they act out by tearing and biting at whatever is in their reach.

Statistics have shown, that the loss of a human “pack” can make a dog nervous. Likewise, if a family member has already moved or had passed away, separation from the remaining family members can trigger worries about another loss.  Separation anxiety can also occur following a change in physical home or even a significant alteration in schedule, such as a new job that extends the owner’s hours away from home.

This behavior can frustrate their owners, outright destruction can be one of the most difficult, especially when it happens while you are away.

That’s why at Groomers Bundle, we want you to stop worrying about the pranks your furry friend will make while you are away and fun!!

This Portable Dog Fence is the easiest and most discreet way to protect your dog all around the house!!

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