GPS Tracker for Dogs – Real Time Tractive Collar

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According to the American Human Association, 1/3 dogs and cats go missing during their lifetime and 80% of them are never found by their owners.  Metal ID tags with the pet’s name and owner’s contact information are probably the most popular but the issue with these identification methods is that tags can fall off. Tracking a lost pet is extremely difficult nowadays not to mention the state of extreme anguish and emotional trauma for you as well as for your dog.

The loose of your little buddy can be extremely bothersome and sleepless nights. As much as you want to run through the streets calling out his name, this alone will not help you find your dog.

We understand this mayor concern among dog owners in general as well as the pain that comes with losing a dear member of your family. That’s why Groomers Bundle has come with a solution that will allow you to recover your furry friend in no time!

Our GPS Tracker for Dogs will be able to keep your faithful friend at your side forever!

It is a pet tracker device that is specially designed to keep track of your little furry friends. The TKSTAR GPS Dog Tracker is an affordable option when it comes to your pet’s safety. This tracker has a number of great features and is well equipped to trace the location of your dear pet.

All you need to do is, secure the device onto the neckband of your pet, and pair it up with your cell phone. It will help you keep your pet safe and sound, and within your vicinity. Unlike many pet trackers that are only able to be used in one country this one can be used in several different countries because it can use a GSM sim card from a network provider in the country it is being used in.


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