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Taking a photo of a dog can be frustrating. They’ll be looking at you with the cutest face, but when you go to snap a pic, they look away and it’s just not the same. How are you supposed to make your friends jealous of the fact that you’re hanging out with a dog if the picture looks bad?

That’s why we offer you now this new Selfie Stick for Dogs!

This will allow you to take the cutest of pictures with your furry friend without him losing focus on the camera. Your cutest moments alongside your furry friend will be preserved forever !!

Here are a few benefits you and your dog will be able to enjoy this amazing product::

  1. Your dog’s selfies and portraits will look totally perfect, say goodbye to those bad photos and portraits where your dog is not paying attention to the camera.
  1. You will be able to take selfies with your dog using your phone or tablet regardless of its model or manufacturer so you don’t have to worry about changing between tablets or phones to get a good selfie.
  1. You will be able to capture your dog’s attention 100% of the time, guaranteed!


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Flexible Neck

The Selfie Stick posses a 360° flexible twisting lever. It allows you to adjust to any angle, utilizing the front and rear-facing the camera.


It doesn’t matter which mobile phone you have. Our new Our Selfie Stick for Dogs is compatible with iPhone, Android, along with most smartphones, and tablets.

Friendly Use

Our Selfie Stick for Dogs is easy to install on any mobile phone, portable and easy to use. Just clip the 2 legs on the cellphone. You will be able to get the most lovely dog pictures ever!!


Our Pooch Selfie Stick takes advantage of a dog’s natural draw and focuses on anything which you clamping and uses this focus to hold their gaze as you snap away that perfect portrait picture. You can use the selfie stick for Pet agility training or Mobile phone holder. The pet selfie stick can attract the attention of a pet or toy guide, which will help capture the perfect picture of the pet.

Toy Holder

Our Selfie Stick for Dogs possesses a paw-shaped clip that can hold treats or toys up to 3/4″ thick. You can clip the 2 legs on the cellphone. It makes the Selfie Stick easy to use. In addition, your dog will stand still while looking at his favorite snack while to take a cute pic of him.



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Pets Selfie stick

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For iPhone

Selfie Stick for Pets


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Pet photography tool

29 reviews for Selfie Stick For Dogs – Pooch Selfie Stick

  1. fnolan

    Seller was great. Product arrived in time and workes well for me, well packed

  2. Customer

    Product came well after 2 weeks of waiting! thank you!!

  3. amelie.homenick

    Good product and quick delivery, I recommend!

  4. wakerj

    Excellent adapts well to the cell phone and captures the pet’s attention. Arrival time less than a month.

  5. samson

    He arrived in a short time. Only one of them came in trouble and got him returned immediately. I recommend it

  6. fanny26

    Arrived in 10 days to New York, all good packed!!

  7. Edyth

    I was skeptical about this store at fIrst but prodcut came in time, it had a good shape and worked pretty well when i tested it

  8. jaltenwerth

    Excellent store!!

  9. michel

    My pouch is very happy thanks to you!!

  10. Gohara

    Good service, I was able to track my product

  11. arnoldo

    Totally satisfied

  12. Tady

    I ordered my product, they took a bit to send me the tracker via email but product came well

  13. Adil

    Product arrived in perfect shape, all was according to description, well done.

  14. tamara

    Very high quality Very satisfied. Or rather my dog is very pleased.))))

  15. Python

    Thank you so much ! Very fast delivery ! I’m totally satisfied.

  16. Roberto

    All right and i come very fast, thank you very much

  17. Lamke

    Perfect store!

  18. Betty

    A little big for my baby bichon but it will be used later.

  19. zwehner

    dog loved it literally it works perfectly so highly recommended

  20. Arlene

    Goods compliant, recommend.

  21. Gottlib

    outstanding product i loved it and it works perfectly highly recommended

  22. dandre

    Really enjoyed their customer service!! They answered all of my questions without delay and they offered me afree coupon!!

  23. Effertz

    I was skeptical about this store at fIrst but prodcut came in time, it had a good shape and worked pretty well when i tested it

  24. Alexie

    Excellent store!!

  25. Danial

    I will keep grooming my dog with these guys!!

  26. Corbin

    My pouch is very happy thanks to you!!

  27. hwaters

    The product arrived and all came in good condition according to the description

  28. tessie56

    Good product and quick delivery, I recommend

  29. ross.stokes

    works great!

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