Dog Seatbelt Leash – Car Safety Belt for Dogs

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It is well known that dogs often find other cars, smells, objects, people, animals, and dogs rather interesting as they zoom past them while riding as a passenger in the car. This often prompts them to chase after their interest to explore it more.

Jumping out of cars can be a result of their curiosity. This behavior is common in dogs that are fearless, energetic, playful and inquisitive.

Common injuries for dogs who jump out of windows include broken bones, skin infection, skin damage, loss of skin, injury to face, mouth, teeth, neck, eyes, nose, and paws, plus internal injuries that can lead to death.

Pet parents often get into car accidents due to the sudden action of their dog jumping out of the car into danger.

Dogs who are shy and scared are less likely to jump out of the car but he would try to reach your lap for comfort and safety which can be dangerous for both you and your furry friend.

According to the US Federal Department in 2018, more than 3450 individuals in a month, were injured in crashes involving distracted individuals with their dogs

Both scenarios lead to injury, car damage, and negatively affecting other people involved in the accident!

That is why Groomers Bundle comes with a practical solution to help you and your little friend stay away from those gruesome statics!

Our new Car Safety Belt for Dogs will maintain your pup set up, minimizing distraction which means you can give attention to the drive!

Let us review the benefits that you will get with this Car Safety Belt for Dogs:

  1. Your dog won’t go right through the window by accident during a trip on the road!
  2. Your dog won’t distract you while driving. (Think about Stephen King’s practically fatal car crash, the act of a driver interacting with an unrestrained dog in his vehicle)!
  3. In case of a car accident, paramedics will be able to focus on you without protecting disturbance from your frightened dog thus increasing your chances at survival!
  4. You will be able to leave car windows open up wider for better air for you and your dog during warm days!
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