Pet Paw Cleaner – Portable Paw Washer for Dogs

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Even the prissiest dogs are often gravitationally attracted to mud, puddles, and other filthy areas – dogs will be dogs, after all. While you may not mind if your pooch gets a little dirty, you certainly don’t want him tracking dirt all over your home.

Accordingly, you’ll need to clean off your dog’s paws before letting him back inside. For that matter, cleaning your pup’s paws won’t only help keep your home cleaner, it’ll also help keep your pet’s feet healthier too. This is very important, as dirty paws may make your dog susceptible to things like yeast infections.

Well, this Pet Paw Cleaner is your must-have. The pet cleaning brush cup made of premium material with a precise design will help remove dirt and mud from your dog’s paw. It is perfectly sized for small and medium-sized dogs. Simple and easy to use, just rinse and keep on hand for the next muddy encounter.

Here are some benefits that  you will get:

  1. Remove dirt from your dog’s paws before touching your precious furniture or carpets
  2. Your dog will be much more healthy avoiding all kinds of dirt and mud stuck on his paws !!
  3. You and your dog shall be able to enjoy more time together outdoors as you are able to clean his paws at any time!


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