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According to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), no matter what a pet shop owner or dog trainer might say, a dog crate is only a box with holes in it, and putting dogs in crates is just a way to ignore and warehouse them until you get around to taking care of them properly.

Crating is a popular “convenience practice” that is often used on adult dogs. It deprives dogs of the opportunity to fulfill some of their most basic needs, such as the freedom to walk around, the opportunity to relieve themselves, and the ability to stretch out and relax. It also prevents them from interacting with their environment and learning how to behave in a human setting.

To make matters worse, studies have shown that long-term confinement is detrimental to the physical and psychological well-being of animals. Pets caged for extended periods can develop many different disorders, including the following:

  • Aggression
  • Withdrawal
  • Hyperactivity
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Obsessive licking
  • Separation anxiety
  • Inability to bond with humans
  • Muscle atrophy

There is no longer time during confinement for a dog than during a trip. They love to be at your side most than anything, that’s is why Groomers Bundle offers you the best way to carry your furry friend with you in all of your adventures without causing him any kind of disorder!! Our new Dog Carrier Backpack is an airline-approved pet carrier that will make your trip enjoyable and memorable for both you and your dog!!!



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Guaranteed Durability

The Dog Carrier Backpack is made of high-quality PU leather material. It has no peculiar smell which makes it completely waterproof, wear-resistant. It also provides better protection for backpacks during travel and use. The bottom slide pad design allows you to place the bag on various surfaces without damage.


Ergonomic Design

The Dog Carrier Bag posses an air mesh back that can absorb sweat and breathe more freely. The widely shoulder belt can relieve the pressure from the backpack and effectively increase the comfort level of the human body.

This feature allows you to enjoy a casual lifestyle by making it easier to carry.

It also comes with adjustable padded shoulder straps and carrying handles that make our carrier easy to attach to a seatbelt. Our Capsule Bag presents a design that makes it as practical as most backpack cases, satchels, and bags which makes it great for keeping your furry friend with you on all your adventures.


Absolute Safety

Our Dog Carrier posses with a high-quality safety lock. Its safety lock protects the pet from escaping when opening the backpack and, keeps them safe in your care. It also provides a more interesting and safe space for your pet.

This feature allows your furry friend, to enjoy the sunshine and scenery with you. It also allows him to interact with the outside world.

Revolutionary Design

This Dog Carrier possesses a semi-sphere window design that adds a unique look. Its switchable mesh panel allows more communication and interaction between you and your furry friend. Small pets, such as small cats and dogs can be easy to keep in carriers.

Absolute Security

Our Dog Carrier Backpack is built-in security leash, mesh panels & ventilation holes with a breathable nine-hole design for better air permeability, soft washable pad, top & side entries for maximum accessibility, easy storage and travel – comfort, convenience and safety flowing the security standards for dog carriers approved by most airlines.

You will safely travel with dogs in any trip!!


Fit for All

The Pet Carrier comes in 2 convenient variations for all types of traveler. It can come as a backpack with one or double zipper as well as a handbag. Recommended for long-term use, suggest weight: 17lbs for a cat and 15lbs for a dog.



Additional information


Pet Carrier for Travels

Closure Type




Used For

Small Dogs/Cats


37 cm x 32 cm


Backpack/Handbag/Doble Zipper Backpack

60 reviews for Best Dog Carrier Backpack – Outdoor Space Capsule For Pet Carrier

  1. meagan79

    Just wow! I was able to take off the buble to give him some comfort, everything is fine) very comfortable backpack, there is a smell, but not trouble) we are delighted) the cat weighs more than 6 kg, thick, climbed perfectly) thank you groomers!

  2. rauaugus

    The bag is amazing !

  3. hoppe

    Excellent quality. Came whole but very long.

  4. kertzmann.larry

    Nice backpack. I have a cat of 5 kg. Quietly there lies a ball. The DOG will fit only in a sitting position-and we all want the seals to be comfortable, has no bad smell.

  5. rebecca30

    The product is excellent, i use it very often, My cat is adult and rather small, a large one fits perfectly too, good material.

  6. mattie.kris

    The backpack came very quickly (20 days before Connecticut) was tracked perfectly, thanks to the store))) was more than i thought, you can plant a really not big dog or a huge cat))) the smell is, allergic meinkun sichal for a long time, but i think not critical. Hung up with the installation of the porthole, could not figure out how it is put))) as a result, helped one shop consultant, where the same backpacks are sold))) the dog like a backpack liked, see, how it will be worn. Color one in one matched, looks good)))

  7. janae89

    Great product, its the same than description, and the shiping was very fast.

  8. nitzsche

    Wonderful backpack

  9. fnolan

    The order corresponds to the description, arrived quickly. For 2 weeks The cat is also happy 🙂

  10. nitzsche

    Very good product and store but the item has dirt stains on it.

  11. kharber

    Very roomy backpack, the cat easily lies in it. Beautiful, excellent quality, came in just 11 days.

  12. shanel51

    To otawa backpack came intact, delivery by mail about a month. There is a smell, i ventilate. For a dog with 5 kg, of course, back to back in an upright position. If you put a flat, then there it is a little freer position you can take. And so, the lightning works, the suit can be changed to the “sky in the box”, which is included.

  13. dewitt.mills

    Good backpack, convenient. Delivery to Texas about two weeks

  14. mspinka

    I ordered 2 backpacks at once, delivery was fast, order was tracked. Withstand large weight, it is very convenient to carry thick seals due to dense wide straps and soft back. The cat 5 kg is placed with a margin. The upper handle is rubberized, the material is dense, the locks are of good quality, the backpack does not deform when wearing, the ventilation holes are enough, inside there is a carabiner for the harness. And the carrying itself is beautiful,I recommend this seller and carry to buy.

  15. luisa96

    Decent Quality and size. Easily could house a large dog. Kids used it for their pub.

  16. bruck

    Good quality and matches photos! No damage from transport.

  17. ardagna

    Kosha is happy! Sometimes, itself climbs into it and sleeps))

  18. josephw

    It’s soo coool 😀 my dog fits perfectly (3,7kg). She can lay down or sit confortably. I 100% recommend. The plastic window came a bit skarched, but it was I think the posts fault.

  19. kassiesa

    Really very beautiful!! Details fine! Absolutely recommended!!!! FABULOUS!!! Quick shipment!!

  20. lillie.cremin

    A very good quality, spacious for a normal cat, one of the best shopping i ‘ve ever done on this page. Recommended no doubt

  21. mnemonic

    All as in the description, qualitatively, good store!!

  22. ijackson

    Very good product and great quality. Il recommand. I receveid my command in Time.

  23. tokuhirom

    Even more robust than expected, very good!

  24. wilsonpm

    It’s soo coool 😀 my cat fits perfectly (3,7kg). She can lay down or sit confortably. I 100% recommend. The plastic window is very resilent.

  25. donnelly

    Delivery to British Columbia more than a month. Backpack is very high quality. Walked with a cat several times already. I like it. dog too… like)) The husband says that the dog there is a good shaky. But i do not know, she happily comes into it and goes for a walk)

  26. ryanvm

    The store quickly sent the order, but the parcel itself went exactly 15 days to Orlando Florida. Track tracked. Backpack as in the photo, very beautiful, bright. Leatherette smells a little, it’s been a few days on the balcony, but the smell is still there. The cat showed interest, she climbed, though, while we waited for the parcel, it grew up with us. Although it weighs about 3 kilograms and still a kitten, lying already fits back to back, sitting normally. The porthole is whole, but it’s plastic, so the visibility through it is not crystal. Still there is a grid in the kit, if you do not want to use the porthole. Still the backpack is small enough, large breeds of cats will feel uncomfortable in it. My bengal cat is 6 kg, barely fits sitting. A long walk with him will not work, it’s like to lock the animal in a coffin. Inside there is a carabiner to cling to the collar or harness, but it is plastic and flimsy enough

  27. seurat

    Great big backpack. It will fit even a big cat. All items arrived not damaged, quality is good. Thanks to seller.

  28. natepuri

    All as in the description, the cat 7 kg climbed normally to Quebec reached for 8 days. Whole.

  29. bwcarty

    Even more robust than expected, very good!

  30. wrogahn

    Great backpack! In DC came weeks in two. There was a little smell, quickly disappeared. The kitten looked back with interest.

  31. yoshiko

    Backpack-excellent, the material is pleasant, everything came whole. Delivery-even before expected. The pattern of the backpack looks right, but when you wear the left strap frayed (left-adheres to the shoulders smoothly and neatly) In general-fire. I can’t wait for spring to walk pups.

  32. mfarrell


  33. santina24

    Perfect for transportation of 1 pup, on the bike, very happy with this bag! Draagconfort on shoulders is fine. The new fragrance will slowly called disappear.

  34. yasmine92

    Great! Lovely solid quality. This size is perfect for my cat. Nicely packed. I am very happy with it!

  35. chrwin

    I just got it and I absolutely love it! It looks just like the picture. It was very quick and easy to assemble and I’ll add a picture with my pup in it soon.

  36. josem

    I just got it and I absolutely love it! It looks just like the picture. It doesn’t really smell funny. The only downside is that it was a bit crooked and dirty (pictures for reference) so I was a little disappointed about that. It was, on the other hand wrapped in lots of plastic and bubblewrap so I don’t get why it got so dirty. It was very quick and easy to assemble and I’ll add a picture with my cat in it soon.

  37. gulgowski

    The goods came according to the description, all whole. Dogs really liked, they are delighted. Thank you 🙂

  38. maye.rolfson

    Good convenient carrying-all ventilated, the porthole can be replaced with a plastic mesh, and you can just leave an open hole, inside the carabiner for a harness or collar. The side walls and the front are unfastened, there were no problems with zippers, the straps are customized. As always there is a smell of plastic. For a dog for 3 kg came well, but a larger animal can be cramped. Delivered very quickly, in a large package folded, but nothing crumpled, the bag quickly gathered.

  39. matty

    Great big backpack. It will fit even a medium dog. All items arrived not damaged, quality is good. Thanks to store.

  40. lpalmer

    Great big backpack. It will fit even a big dog. All items arrived not damaged, quality is good. Thanks to store.

  41. atremblay

    It’s just like the d is pretty tough crypt

  42. sauer

    good product!!

  43. rogerspl

    Package was packed well and arrived in good condition. Delivery was faster than expected. My pup wasn’t scared to see it so hoping it’s going to be useful. Yet to try it with her in the bag.

  44. jonas

    Package was packed well and arrived in good condition. Delivery was faster than expected. My cat wasn’t scared to see it so hoping it’s going to be useful. Yet to try it with her in the bag.

  45. lauretta10

    Well packed, backpack quality

  46. kertzmann

    The product is equal to the photographs, my 4.5 kilos cat fits perfect, we loved it

  47. arianna55

    The product corresponds to the description. There are no complaints about the quality of the goods and the packaging. To manchester it was more than 2 weeks so only 4 points.

  48. patsy09

    The product is the same as the image, very good quality, suitable for large and overweight cats, I strongly recommend the store.

  49. andrewik

    Everything was well packed, backpack quality. Order satisfied

  50. arnold

    Well packed, backpack quality

  51. haven23

    Very satisfied with the product. Smell not very strong and comfortable when wearing it. It remains to be tested with cats and to see how safe it is.

  52. uriel84

    Excellent carrying for animals for sane money. Qualitatively made, conveniently folded for storage and well suited for small animal. Packed perfectly, hardly during transportation will be damaged.

  53. xlittel

    Fast delivery, the product is of great quality and according to description, recommended

  54. oharris

    The goods came quickly. The quality is excellent. Thank you store!

  55. rudolph22

    For a cat 5 kg bag super and clearly for whether you are a carry bag. I’m cool. Delivery to Houston 10 days, garno packed

  56. tillman89

    Backpack is great! dog 7 kg fit. There is a smell of a new thing, but eventually it will fade. The backpack is sewn qualitatively, the seams are even, all the spare parts are intact without marriage. With the store did not have to communicate. Thank you very much for the backpack! dog liked it!

  57. modesta64

    Ordered for a gift, an excellent backpack, All whole, delivery to smolensk 35 days. If it was possible, they would put 10 stars!!!

  58. ethiel

    The backpack is bright, beautiful, large, strong. The cat 4.5 kg is placed back-to-back lying on the bottom. Sitting space is enough. Delivery is fast.

  59. gweber

    Large casual shoulder

  60. eloise85

    Delivery to Canada much faster than mentioned, the bag is in perfect condition

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