Best Lint Brush For Pet Hair – Furminator Lint Brush

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If you have a pet, you probably know how frustrating pet hair can be!!

They leave hair everywhere. You clean you’re the house only to see new tumbleweeds of hair rolling across the floor. Maybe you go out to dinner and look down to find dog hairs firmly attached to your shiny suit.

According to the US Household Department,  over 72% of pet owners claimed that pet hair or fur was a substantial problem in their homes and lives.

There is no magic solution to dealing with pet hair!!

Pet hair is a problem everywhere at home, many claimed that pet hair was worst on the carpet or floor of their homes, on the furniture and finally on their clothing but most pet owners did not consider pet hair a big problem in their cars.

Interestingly enough, more than 85% of pet owners responded that they thought their pet shed all the time with no seasonality.

The other 15%  thought shedding was only bad seasonally!!

The most common methods for dealing with pet hair are vacuuming and brushing pets. Approximately 93% of the households vacuum or sweep regularly to deal with hair and 71% also try to regularly brush or groom their pets.

Another common countermeasure is tape rollers with about 59% of the households using a roller on their furniture or clothes.

Unfortunately, none of these options is 100% effective!!

Here at Groomers Bundle, we have found an easy way to remove hair and fur from your clothes, furniture, and fabrics, harness cleaning power with our Lint Brush For Pet Hair !!

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