Breed of The Week: Beagle Elizabeth

The Beagle or Beagle Elizabeth dog belongs to the group of small-sized dogs very similar to foxhound, but smaller. It is a companion dog suitable for small game. This animal is classified in group 6 section 1.3 by the FCI. Table of Contents Beagle HistoryMain featuresCommon BehaviorBreed VariationsBeagle ColorsWhere to buy it?Beagle PuppiesHow to care […]

Product Review: Marshmallow Dog Bed

  Most of the day, your pooch spends a lot of time in his bed — snoozing, relaxing, or just hanging out. Because of this, you need a bed that provides comfort and endures daily use. If you have a large dog, you have an even bigger challenge: finding a bed that’s big enough for […]