Groomers Advice: Safety Nigthwalk Tips

Groomers Advice: Safety Nigthwalk Tips

If you’ve got your best friend waiting to be walked after you return home from work, you’re going to have to do it in the dark. Even if you’re an early riser, morning walks can also pose challenges for both man and dog.  Statistics tell us that drivers have a difficult time seeing pedestrians at dusk and dawn. Add inclement weather to the mix (rain, fog, snow), and drivers will find very hard to spot you and your furry. So what can you do as a dog groomers?  Walking your dog in the dark doesn’t have to be a dangerous, nerve-jangling experience if you have the right tools and knowledge. We’ve put together some safety tips for you and your furry friend when it’s dark out.



Proper Dress Code

Avoid wearing a dark hoodie or jacket and wear bright colors. If it’s raining or foggy, bright yellow rain gear ensures you’ll stand out. If your furry has a coat, check If it contains reflective markings. Otherwise, purchase reflective tape and stick a few strips on your clothing and your pet’s leash and collar.




Wear Reflective Gear

Reflective tape, reflective vests, along with leashes and collars that light up are a good choice. We can’t stress it enough—drivers need to see both of you.



Leave The Headphones

You need to have all your senses engaged when walking at night, to hear what’s going on in your surroundings, whether it’s people walking behind you, or drivers making sudden or erratic moves.

Only Sidewalks: Although it’s not always possible, it’s important for both you and your pet to stay on well-lit sidewalks, preferably with your pet walking on the inside. Avoid allowing your leashed pet to extend into the roadway where drivers can’t see him/her.

Familiar Routes

Nighttime isn’t the RIGHT time to test out any shortcuts or unknown routes. Sticking to the route you know, is always your best choice. Also, dogs are animals of routines like humans so, he might be more curious and inquisitive If you show him a different path he never discovered.

Against Traffic

If you have to walk in the road to reach your destination, be sure you and pup are walking against traffic so you can see oncoming traffic. It’s also a good idea to use the sidewalk that runs against traffic if there is one. Ensure that your furry is walking within the limits of the sidewalk to give him more safety.

Keep The Leash

Even if your furry is well trained and under voice command, a leash should always be worn on dark walks. If your dog gets spooked by something and you don’t have a leash to restrain him, he will runoff. This creates a dangerous situation for both you and him increasing the risk of an accident by an unexpected or at least, messing with other pedestrians like other dog walkers or bicyclists, for example.

Keep In Touch

Always keep your cell phone when you got to walk with your furry not but, don bet confused. It’s for chatting or texting with your friends, but for added security. Not only is a cell phone important to call for help if you need it, but you can utilize the phone’s built-in flashlight to navigate dark sidewalks if you need to. GPS-based apps such as Google Maps or Waze to get back in track in case you and you’re furry got lost.



These 8 tips can make your dog-walking experiences safer and stress-free for yourself and your furry. However, If you prefer to avoid walking in the dark with your dog, consider enlisting the help of a neighbor or hire a dog walker who can take your pet for a walk before the sunset.

Walk Safely At Nigth

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