Groomers Advice: Firework Sounds

Groomers Advice: Firework Sounds

Maybe for us they are celebrations with our family and friends are nothing but fun and joy, but the sound and sparkles of the pyrotechnics at Christmas and New Year will always break the stability of our furry friends. The impact on them is real.

Unlike humans, animals such as dogs and cats have a much higher auditory and olfactory sensitivity, which allows them to understand what is going on around them. A detonation would cause them an uncontrollable fear and the smell of burning can perceive it as tragedy or danger.

According to the doctors of the World Veterinarian Asociation, the sounds and flashes of the pyrotechnics have a negative impact on our pets, who can suffer even harmful consequences for their health or die instantly:

  • Feeling anxious and panic, the animal loses its reasoning
  • Excessive salivation
  • Tremors and paralysis
  • Tachypnea (rapid breathing) and tachycardia (increased beats)
  • Unexpected evacuations
  • Need to dig desperately and  tear off their nails

When there are detonations, the dog stops thinking, it can be injured. If it is on the third floor, he will throw himself down. If the door is open, he will run and can be run over by a car or lost. If it is locked, he will even break windows or bite the doors.





What to do to protect our furries at these parties?

If you already know the unexpected reaction of your furry in your home, the best thing you can do is to prevent and act as follows:

  1. Be sure to put the collar on your dog, where you indicate his name and your contact information. It will help you find it if you run away from home.
  2. Condition a room that is not very large, close the curtains to avoid flashes, cover the holes where the sound can enter and prepare a list of relaxing songs. This space will help your dog but don’t leave it alone.
  3. Specialists also recommend taking your dog for a walk on the day of Christmas or New Year’s Eve. By running, he will release stress, anxiety, and energy.
  4. Give your dog a good balanced diet and liquids. This way, you also help them relax and be calm during the day.
  5. You can also choose to perform the “Tellington method”, a bandage on your body that will help relax and calm the fright.
  6. It is not advisable to use drugs to dop your dog since they can enter a calm state, but that does not mean they stop perceiving noise, and its effects are short term.

On the other hand, it may seem obvious, but there are certain actions we should never do with our furries, especially in these times of fireworks:

  1. Do not leave your dog tied or on the roof, they can hang themselves or injure themselves.
  2. When you see that they lose their calm during the detonations, do not yell at them or pamper them.
  3. Stay firm and serene, spread that energy to your pet.

Consider attending a consultation with your trusted veterinarian so they can evaluate your pet, especially if they are puppies and it will be their first experience, or if they are old, who are the ones who suffer the most at these parties.



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