Dog Interaction: Guaranteed Health and Safety

Dog Interaction: Guaranteed Health and Safety


Most of the experts in dog behavior claim, that idle paws are the naughty dog’s door of entrance. Bored dogs, regardless of age, will always find a way to entertain themselves, which could cause disaster if they focus their attention on the wrong item. Make matters worse, there are certain dogs, like the Beagle Elizabeth or Chihuahua, who has an inner destructive nature of their own.

Dogs in general posses a chewy nature, some more than others, but If you leave your home or not watching them,  nothing in your home can be saved from their chewy curiosity if they are idle for too long.

Aside from keeping mischievous dogs safely occupied, food-dispensing puzzle and tooth cleaning toys offer the added benefit of helping your pooch stay fit and healthy from the inside out.



Depending on a dog’s age, size and health, they should get anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours of exercise each day. This can be difficult to provide when you are busy with work, kids and everyday life. It’s important to keep him sharp and in good shape.

Our Rubber Treat Ball is a must-have for dog owners who want to keep their chewy friends exercised as he tries to eat his most favorite treat. You cant rest assured that he will spend hours trying to reach his delicious reward inside this toy.

In addition to that, the Wicked Ball can roll easily on any surface so your chewy friend will spend a lot of ours running and chasing after it.

No Boredom

When you can’t be home with your pet or are just too busy with household chores to focus on playtime, try a cognitive toy. The aroma of delicious snacks will keep your dog focused on solving the puzzle and prevent any boredom-related mischief.

You can stuff the Dog Toothbrush Ball with a pet snack of his liking! Your pets will accept this toy easily and get more surprise while playing! This is one of the best dog toys for boredom!!

This also applies to the Wicked Ball, this revolutionary dog toy can move by itself so you don’t need to be there to use it. Just charge It, select the mode you want and let it roll while you go outside to hang out with your friends, your best friend will have hours of fun alone!


Have you ever noticed that the busier you stay, the less you dwell on the stressors in your life? The same is true for dogs! When a pup with separation anxiety is home alone with nothing to do, he is more likely to fret about the fact that you are gone. Food puzzles make excellent distractions for worried doggy minds.

Fear not, the Wicked Ball has this covered for you. It takes about 1 hour to charge and can be played for up to 8 hours. It has reached the IPX67 standard and its outer casing is very strong. By the time you check back on your furry friend, he will still be entertained like fi you never left him.

Out of Trouble

For a small pub, the world is a fascinating place to discover. When exploring they tend to lick, chew, dig, and roll on anything that captures their attention. Cognitive toys are perfect for directing all that innocent curiosity into a safe, healthy activity.

The Wicked Ball catches your dog’s curiosity with ease, It moves by itself. It comes with an intelligent sensor that automatically jumps out whenever it encounters any obstacles; It will never get stuck on tight spots and it won’t leave your dog alone.


You can use our Rubber Ball as a dog fetch play balls for outdoor games. Therefore, keeping your dog from chewing others. As your dog works to retrieve the tasty rewards, he challenges his intellect, burns energy, and stays out of mischief!

Our Toothbrush Stick comes along with a sweet perfume o capture his attention, just Squeeze the toothpaste into the dog’s toothbrush from the hole on the top, the brush stick infused with fresh peppermint, your dog will love to chew the toothbrush, keep your dog breath fresh.



Just like humans who need to constantly exercise their brains as their age in order to prevent mental issues. Evidence has shown that the same is true for aging dogs. Food puzzles are a great way to keep them thinking and stable.

Our Rubber Treat Ball is an amazing food puzzle as it fits for a german shepherd puppy, rescue dog, lab, golden/german shepherd mix, or cats and so on!

Make things even better, Our Wicked Ball can roll in different directions freely on the carpet and any kind of surface. Its colorful lights make It more attractive to catch your dogs’ interest and attention. The chase of pets is happy like never before!.

 Guaranteed Fun

Dogs enjoy a good challenge regardless of their age. Cognitive toys have plenty of health and behavioral benefits, but all your dog cares about is that they’re fun to solve!

We got this covered with all of our 3 mentioned products (Wicked Ball, Rubber Treat Ball, Toothbrush Stick) at Groomers Bundle






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